Careers at CCS

Currently Open Positions

Afternoon teacher, various ages 18months–5years (part and full time, hourly), starts August 14, 2019—see below

We are always hiring substitute teachers—scroll down for details.

CCS strives to create a just and sustainable workplace where all teachers and staff can feel joy and satisfaction in their work and participate in lifelong learning.

General inks:

The Children’s Community School is an equal opportunity employer. Our policies, procedures, and practices are designed to prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin, age, marital status, sex, gender, or sexuality. We strive to create a just and diverse school community. We encourage people of color, men, and LGBTQ people to apply for all positions.

Subbing at CCS

Now seeking substitute teachers! Send your résumé and letter of interest to Stephanie; we will reach out to schedule an orientation in late August before school starts in September.

Do you get along well with young children? The Children’s Community School is always looking for substitute teachers. Sometimes we schedule subs in advance; other times we reach out for subs just the night before or the morning of. If you freelance or work part-time, subbing can be a great fit for you!

Subbing pays $12/hour; checks are mailed at the end of every week. School hours are 8am-6pm, typical shifts are 8am-1pm or 12pm-5pm (but can sometimes be flexible depending on your needs). Substitute teachers always work on a team with other teachers. Subs are required to attend a brief orientation before working, and are required to pass mandated background checks. If you are interested in helping out this wonderful community by spending enjoyable time with young children, please email Stephanie.

Afternoon Preschool Teacher

CCS is looking for teachers to join our afternoon teaching teams this August. Various age groups (18 months–5 years old) and schedules available.

The Children’s Community School is a learning community in West Philadelphia that honors and empowers children to engage their whole selves in education. Our children (18 months through 5 years old) engage their bodies, minds, and emotions to make meaning, form relationships, and develop an understanding of themselves as active members of a community. Our teachers value deep collaboration and ongoing learning, and our staff works together to support each other and build connections with families and our local community. For more information about our school, see

We’re looking for energetic, committed teachers to join us in creating the school community we envision. In addition to our work with children and families, our staff works together to actively improve our school. We support each other in ongoing professional development to improve our teaching, and we work collaboratively on efforts to better our school community—for instance, our ongoing efforts to work toward racial and economic justice.


Please carefully read the entire job description (below), then email your résumé and cover letter to Your cover letter should be between half a page and a page, single spaced, and include

  • what you view as the role of the early childhood educator
  • something specific from this ad or our website that makes you think you would be a good fit for our school

We look forward to hearing from you!

Position summary

Afternoon teachers are committed educators and lifelong learners who work as a team to support children, families, colleagues, and the school. Afternoon teachers hold primary responsibility for care of children in the afternoons; they share responsibility for building relationships with children, teaching them, and guiding their behavior, as well as planning activities and communicating with families.


  • Ensure health and safety—ensure that children are physically cared for and safe, including supervision, feeding, bathrooming, and ensuring a safe environment
  • Relationships with children—build trusting, communicative, supportive relationships with children; actively engage children in learning and school activities
  • Guide behavior—support children in learning to behave in self-controlled, socially-appropriate ways, using methods in line with the school’s teaching philosophy
  • Create positive environments—create classroom routines and culture that support a learning community
  • Create curriculum—plan and implement developmentally appropriate, play-based curriculum that supports children’s growth in a variety of learning areas (mindfulness and emotional development; community and social development; inquiry and cognitive development; justice; and physical development), as appropriate for the afternoon schedule
  • Support assessment of  children—observe children’s strengths and needs; communicate with other teachers about children
  • Build relationships with families—have positive interactions with families at pick-up time; communicate with individual families as needed about events of the day and needs of the child
  • Build relationships with staff—work collaboratively with teaching team, other teachers, and administrators
  • Continually improve practice—In an ongoing manner, evaluate and improve existing teaching practices, and seek and implement new practices; learn collaboratively with colleagues and children
  • Care for the school—ensure that the school and its spaces stay clean, organized, safe, and prepared for children’s use
  • Communicate—Participate in frequent, regular, prompt, and respectful communication with colleagues and families, including in-person, phone, and email communications
  • Participate in the life of the school—Look out for the best interests of the school; build relationships with children, families, and colleagues; attend and participate in school events
  • Demonstrate good work habits, including reliability, flexibility, and leadership

Hiring Criteria

  1. REQUIRED CRITERIA—We will only consider candidates who meet all of the following criteria.
    1. Demonstrated ability to form strong relationships with children and their families
    2. Experience working to meet the emotional, social, and cognitive needs of young children, preferably in a school setting
    3. Demonstrated ability to be reflective, adaptive, flexible, and resilient in work situations
    4. Demonstrated view of children as active, powerful learners
    5. Demonstrated ability to work closely and collaboratively with colleagues
    6. View of teaching as a lifelong craft and ongoing learning experience
    7. Physical requirements: Ability to lift, move, and hold children and objects up to 40 pounds. Ability to engage in full range of motion to lift, reach, squat, climb, sit, and otherwise fully participate in classroom activities. Ability to supervise and interact with children outdoors for extended periods of varied weather conditions.
    8. Minimum of CDA or 12 college credits in early childhood education or a related field, or willingness and ability (with school support) to acquire those credits by summer 2020
    9. Will pass and provide mandated background checks before beginning employment
  2. DESIRED CRITERIA—The ideal candidate will possess most of the following qualities.
    1. AA in early childhood education or a related field
    2. Demonstrated commitment to social justice
    3. Demonstrated ability to guide children’s behaviors, as individuals and as a group, using positive approaches to communication, boundaries, and routines
    4. An articulated view of learning as a collaborative process, driven by children’s interactions and relationships
    5. A demonstrated belief in the importance of children’s social and emotional development
    6. Awareness of child development and developmentally appropriate expectations for children
    7. Experience creating curriculum, activities, or projects based on children’s interests
    8. Experience working with communities of color, multicultural communities, or diverse groups
    9. Experience working with families or communities in West or South Philadelphia

Schedule and calendar

  • This is an hourly, part-time position, 26 or 38 hours per week (regular schedule to be determined in contract)
  • The annual contract runs August 14 through August 14
  • The position is not paid during school closures (including winter break, spring break, or summer break)
  • Weekly Hours, September through June
    • 11:00am–4:00 or 6:15pm Monday–Friday (end time to be scheduled with supervisor) (11:00–12:00 is planning/prep time)
    • 10:00–11:00am Wednesdays—staff meeting
  • Other Hours
    • Orientation—August 14 through the first day of school, Monday–Friday, 8:00–3:00
    • Professional development days throughout the year (8:00–1:30)
    • Presence is required at Back to School Night, and at least one other school event outside regular hours (the Pancake breakfast, the Spring Thing, the Campfire Singalong, etc.—see school calendar for dates)

Compensation guidelines

The Children’s Community School is an equal opportunity child care provider and an equal opportunity employer. Our policies, procedures, and practices are designed to prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin, age, marital status, sex, gender, or sexuality. We strive to create a just and diverse school community. We encourage people of color, men, and LGBTQ people to apply.