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Careers at CCS

Currently Open Positions

As of February 7, we are hiring for the position of Curriculum Coordinator for the 2018-19 school year. See job posting below. Hiring to conclude by mid-March.

Beginning in March or April we are likely to be hiring for teaching positions for the fall. Check back soon for details!

CCS strives to create a just and sustainable workplace where all teachers and staff can feel joy and satisfaction in their work and participate in lifelong learning.

General inks:

  • Job descriptions for all positions (coming spring 2018)
  • Pay schedule for teaching positions

The Children’s Community School is an equal opportunity employer. Our policies, procedures, and practices are designed to prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin, age, marital status, sex, gender, or sexuality. We strive to create a just and diverse school community. We encourage people of color, men, and LGBTQ people to apply for all positions.

Subbing at CCS

We are always looking for subs! Details of subbing will be posted here soon; if you have questions contact Stephanie.

Preschool Curriculum Coordinator

Starting August 15, 2018

Posted February 7; hiring process to conclude by mid-March

The Children’s Community School is a learning community in West Philadelphia that honors and empowers children to engage their whole selves in education. Our students (18 months through 5 years old) engage their bodies, minds, and emotions to make meaning, form relationships, and develop an understanding of themselves as active members of a community. Our teachers value deep collaboration and ongoing learning, and our staff works together to support each other and build connections with families and our local community. For more information about our school, see

We are seeking a new CURRICULUM COORDINATOR to support teachers in their classroom practice. To apply, please read this entire posting and see the instructions at the end.

Position summary

The curriculum coordinator is responsible for guiding the curriculum and teaching practice of the school in a manner consistent with our mission as a joyous, play-based, child-centered, inquiry-driven, social-justice-minded educational institution. The curriculum coordinator will coordinate the efforts across classrooms to ensure that the curriculum has a logical, well-articulated scope and sequence. The curriculum coordinator will work in close collaboration with both teachers and administrators, and directly supervise the majority of the teaching staff. The curriculum coordinator shares responsibility for the professional development of the teaching staff, and for addressing “moment-to-moment issues” in the running of the school, particularly issues related to challenging behaviors in classrooms. The curriculum coordinator is a member of the school’s administration, and reports to the director.

NOTE: This is a newly-created position for the 2018-19 school year. We hope and intend to gradually expand the responsibilities, hours, and salary over the course of several years.


  • Overseeing curriculum
    • Support all classrooms and teaching teams in creating and implementing curriculum that meets the standards, practices, and mission of the school
    • Attend teaching team meetings to provide support, feedback, and input
    • Provide professional development to both individuals and groups in support of curriculum practice
    • Ensure that curriculum addresses all learning areas, as detailed in the staff handbook
    • Participate in curriculum delivery in each classroom and team (for instance, leading lessons and activities from time to time; helping teachers to create documentation, etc.)
  • Teacher supervision (for ~⅔ of teaching staff)
    • Support teachers in developing and achieving individual professional development goals
    • Observe teacher practice and provide supportive, constructive feedback
    • Hold regular one-on-one meetings with each teacher in support of their goals
    • Ensure that each teacher’s practice meets the standards and practices of the school
    • Complete annual teacher evaluations
  • Overseeing assessment (in cooperating with director)
    • Support teachers in observing children, collecting and synthesizing data, planning conferences with families, and writing narrative assessments
    • Edit written assessments before they are shared with families
  • Professional development
    • In cooperation with director, plan and implement professional development activities for all teachers, including weekly staff meetings, professional development days, and start-of-year orientation weeks
  • Moment-to-Moment Issues
    • As needed, and in cooperation with director and business manager, address any issues that arise during the school day necessary to the smooth running of the school, including primary responsibility for moment-to-moment issues that involve supporting teachers with challenging behaviors and issues of classroom practice
    • Substitute in classrooms when substitute teachers are not available
    • In cooperation with other administrators, answer phones, emails, and doorbells; stock supplies; maintain safe and working facilities; meet with families; etc.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Supervise early arrival (7:55–8:40am) 3 days per week
    • Supervise 12:30 dismissal, in rotation with other administrators
    • Communicate clearly, respectfully, and promptly with all school staff and families, including prompt email communication

Hiring Criteria

  1. REQUIRED CRITERIA—We will only consider candidates who meet all of the following criteria.
    1. Experience with and deep understanding of
      1. creating and implementing high quality curriculum (especially emergent, project-based, play-based curriculum);
      2. supporting emotional and social learning (especially mindfulness and community-building); and
      3. positive discipline and classroom management
      4. in settings with young children
    2. Deep knowledge of early childhood development
    3. View of children and teachers as active, powerful learners
    4. Experience building close cooperative working relationships with people in a variety of roles (e.g., teachers, parents, supervisors, etc.)
    5. Ability to manage long-term projects and goals and to stay organized in the face of day-to-day changes
    6. Strong written and verbal communication skills
    7. Meet the physical and licensing requirements of a preschool teacher:
      1. Ability to lift, move, and hold children and objects up to 40 pounds. Ability to engage in full range of motion to lift, reach, squat, climb, sit, and otherwise fully participate in classroom activities. Ability to supervise and interact with children outdoors for extended periods of varied weather conditions.
      2. Will pass and provide mandated background checks before beginning employment.
  2. DESIRED CRITERIA—The ideal candidate will possess most of the following qualities.
    1. Commitment to and experience in social justice work, especially in educational settings
    2. Supervisory experience; ideally experience supervising teachers
    3. Experience creating and delivering professional development, especially in educational settings
    4. Skill in observing children and interpreting their behavior, and in using observations to show children’s learning and thinking
    5. Experience creating creative and effective documentation of early childhood learning
    6. Knowledge of qualitative whole-child assessment methods and experience linking assessment to instruction
    7. Experience working with children with special needs, especially young children, in inclusive environments
    8. Strong listening skills, and especially skill in synthesizing disparate points of view into coherent and shared understandings
    9. Experience working with diverse groups and/or communities of color
    10. Experience working with families or communities in West or South Philadelphia
    11. A college or advanced degree in early childhood education or a related field, or related college-level coursework
    12. Ability to speak more than one language
    13. Comfort using Google Docs or other online collaboration tools

Schedule and calendar

  • All salaried positions are contracted for one year at a time, starting August 15 each year.
  • The curriculum coordinator works 25 hours per week during the school year.
    • Hours will vary day to day; a fairly stable schedule will be planned in cooperation with the director and teachers.
    • Each week will include hours both in the mornings (8:00 to 12:30) and in the afternoons (12:30–6:00).
    • The curriculum coordinator’s schedule will be coordinated with that of the director and the business manager to ensure optimum “coverage” during open hours.
    • In addition to the 25 hours, the position asks attendance at events occurring outside of schools hours (e.g., Back to School Night, annual Pancake Breakfast, Spring Fundraiser, etc.)
  • The curriculum coordinator works reduced hours (~10hr/wk) during the six weeks of summer, on projects preparing for the following school year.
  • The curriculum coordinator works increased hours (~40hr/wk) during the three weeks of orientation before the start of the school year.

Compensation guidelines

  • $25,000/year
  • Salaried
  • Benefits—see staff handbook

Supervised by

  • Director

OPTIONAL: Summer Camp Co-Director

Ideally the curriculum coordinator will also serve as the co-director of the summer camp. This position involves overseeing the planning and execution of the summer camp program, including hiring of counselors, managing enrollment, training and supervising staff, supporting the implementation of the summer curriculum, and so on. This position involves several hours a week from March through June, and approximately 25 hours per week during the five weeks of summer camp—exact schedule to be negotiated with the other co-director and to include at least one summer week completely off. This position is paid separately and in addition to the curriculum coordinator salary. Candidates interested in serving as the summer camp co-director should discuss details with the chair of the hiring committee.

The Children’s Community School is an equal opportunity employer. Our policies, procedures, and practices are designed to prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin, age, marital status, sex, gender, or sexuality. We strive to create a just and diverse school community. We encourage people of color, men, and LGBTQ people to apply for all positions.


Please email your résumé and cover letter to Your cover letter should be about a page single spaced and include

  • A statement of your teaching philosophy that includes both the role of the early childhood educator and the role of someone supporting early childhood educators, and
  • Something specific about CCS (from this ad, our website, etc.) that makes you think you would be a good fit for our school

We look forward to hearing from you!