In response to the COVID-19 pandemic: We have developed detailed plans for changes to health and safety procedures, as well as other necessary changes to our program which will be posted to our website in August. We anticipate, and are planning for, a regularly scheduled opening on August 31 for the 2020-21 school year. We are accepting applications for the 2020-21 school year, and we do anticipate some seats being available for new families. Thank you for your patience as we create our plans to provide highest quality early childhood education while reducing risk for everyone in our community

Careers at CCS

Currently Open Positions

We are hiring a full-time custodian/caretaker, starting August 14. See below for details.

We are always hiring substitute teachers—scroll down for details.

CCS strives to create a just and sustainable workplace where all teachers and staff can feel joy and satisfaction in their work and participate in lifelong learning.

General inks:

The Children’s Community School is an equal opportunity employer. Our policies, procedures, and practices are designed to prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin, age, marital status, sex, gender, or sexuality. We strive to create a just and diverse school community. We encourage people of color, men, and LGBTQ people to apply for all positions.

Subbing at CCS

Now seeking substitute teachers! Send your résumé and letter of interest to Stephanie; we will reach out to schedule an orientation in late August before school starts in September.

Do you get along well with young children? The Children’s Community School is always looking for substitute teachers. Sometimes we schedule subs in advance; other times we reach out for subs just the night before or the morning of. If you freelance or work part-time, subbing can be a great fit for you!

Subbing pays $12/hour; checks are mailed at the end of every week. School hours are 8am-6pm, typical shifts are 8am-1pm or 12pm-5pm (but can sometimes be flexible depending on your needs). Substitute teachers always work on a team with other teachers. Subs are required to attend a brief orientation before working, and are required to pass mandated background checks. If you are interested in helping out this wonderful community by spending enjoyable time with young children, please email Stephanie.


HOURS: Full-time, 40 hours/week, Mid-August through June, with summer possibility
PAY: Salaried, $28,500/year (equivalent of $15.00/hour)
BENEFITS: Health benefits, paid vacation, etc. Details at Employment Benefits document

The Children’s Community School is looking for custodian—whom we are calling a “caretaker”—to join our team, to care for our community by helping keep our physical space clean and safe. CCS is a high quality, preschool in West Philadelphia that honors and empowers children to engage their whole selves in education. We value lifelong learning, community, collaboration, and justice for everyone in our school.


Please carefully read the entire job description (below), then email your résumé and cover letter to Your cover letter should include

  • why you’re interested in helping take care of a preschool, and
  • something specific from this ad or our website that makes you think you would be a good fit for our school

We look forward to hearing from you!


The caretaker’s primary responsibility is to care for the people in our school community—the children, the families, and the staff—by ensuring that our physical space is clean and safe, particular with regard to minimizing the risk of COVID transmission. The caretaker will also at times assist teachers and administration with transporting children throughout the school, and perform a variety of tasks in caring for our space. The caretaker is an integral part of the school team, and will work collaboratively with the entire staff to find strategies to meet a wide range of needs.


  1. Clean and sanitize surfaces, equipment, and materials throughout the school, including sinks, toilets, tables, chairs, climbing equipment, toys, and “frequently touched surfaces”
  2. Take on other regular cleaning tasks, such as dishes and laundry
  3. Assist with transportation of children within the school, for instance at drop-off and pick-up times
  4. Participate in kind, responsive, developmentally appropriate interactions with children (for instance, responding to children’s questions while cleaning, or scheduling visits to classrooms to speak with children about health and safety)
  5. Actively communicate and collaborate with all staff members and teams in creating and modifying cleaning routines and solving problems in our emerging school practices
  6. Rigorously comply with all school policies on health and safety, including wearing PPE throughout the day and taking extra precautions to avoid cross-contamination when moving between spaces within the school.
  7. Work actively and in cooperation with other staff to continually improve health and safety practices and policies, including staying up to date on best COVID-related cleaning practices
  8. As time allows in the context of other duties, help with other physical tasks throughout the school, including organizing spaces (such as storage, laundry room, etc.), performing manual labor and light handiwork, and performing, and helping with gardening and yardwork.


  1. REQUIRED CRITERIA—We will only consider candidates who meet all of the following criteria.
    1. Demonstrated ability to perform a range of tasks with organization, diligence, and attention to detail over time.
    2. Demonstrated skill in active communication with coworkers
    3. Demonstrated ability to problem solve in creative and collaborative ways
    4. Meet the physical requirements of the positions, including ability to lift, move, and hold children and objects up to 50 pounds; ability to engage in full range of motion to lift, reach, squat, climb, sit, and otherwise fully participate in a variety of physical activities; ability to sustain physical work throughout an 8-hour shift, including work both indoors and outdoors in a variety of weathers 
    5. Will pass and provide mandated background checks before beginning employment
  2. DESIRED CRITERIA—The ideal candidate will possess most of the following qualities.
    1. Experience with cleaning or custodial work, especially in school environments, or in other busy spaces
    2. Experience working with young children
    3. Experience with doing a range of skilled physical work, such as handiwork, gardening, landscaping, etc.


  • This is a salaried, full-time (40hr/wk) position.
  • The annual contract begins August 15 (August 14 for new staff) and ends July 2. If CCS operates a summer camp, the employee will have the option to extend the terms of the contract through August 14.
  • The annual contract includes paid vacation (2 weeks winter break, 1 week spring break)
  • Weekly Hours (September through June)
    • Daily 8:00am–4:00pm
  • Total: 1720 hours per year



  • During periods in which the school is closed due to COVID
    • The employee’s hours and labor expectations will follow the Labor Expectations During COVID Closure policy, including a general expectation of working ~75% of contracted hours, on roughly the same schedule as usual.
    • The employee will receive 90% of their regular pay.
  • During periods in which the school is open but the employee is not able to work in person due to COVID-related situations, the employee may be eligible for additional paid leave, per federal law. Clear written policies will be distributed in August 2020.