Magnolia Classroom at Home-Friday 4/3

Hi families! Here we are, at the end of Week 3! We’re sure these three weeks have felt endless and overwhelming and intense and that you’ve felt an enormous range of emotions. As you know, next week is our Spring Break, although we know it won’t feel much like a break to you. We will [...]

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Redbud Classroom at Home-Friday 4/3

Hello Redbud Families, Here are today’s videos and activity ideas.  Thinking of you all! Laura   Teacher Video Message: Video 1: In this video I sing “I Had a Rooster” (by Pete Seeger) with some finger puppets. Video 2: In this video I read three haiku from the book, Seeing Into Tomorrow.  The [...]

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Redbud Classroom at Home-Thursday 4/2

Hello, Redbud families! You all have been in my mind and my heart. Here's to keeping ourselves and our loved ones together, and continuing to do it as best we know how. Please make sure you are being kind and forgiving to yourself at this time–we're all learning how to make this work as we [...]

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Oak Classroom at Home-Thursday 4/2

Hello Families! Today’s Video: Teacher Maddie sings "Who Can Do What I Can Do?" Today’s Activities:  Animal House: In our Zoom calls a lot of friends have been playing animal imagination games. You can bring this animal play into your obstacle course or house building play by building an animal house for your kitty, cheetah, [...]

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Magnolia Classroom at Home- Thursday 4/2

Hello Magnolia families!   Happy Thursday! Here are our videos and activities for school at home. Make sure to take a look at our information below about our small group Zoom meetings!   Playtime: Join Teacher Patricia for a build-with-me video. Kids can build along with blocks, pillows, soft toys, cans, etc. so that everyone [...]

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Project Home School- Thursday 4/2

Hello everyone!  Today I thought I’d share a fun geometry activity that we did yesterday; it was easy to set up and clean up and was a good exercise in building geometric concepts and vocabulary as well as number recognition. Geometric Mural-Making:  (painters tape, dice, scissors, a blank wall) My kids and I decided to [...]

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Juneberry Classroom at Home- Thursday 4/2

Good Morning! Here is today's morning message, including some songs and inspiration on how to make music using things you find in the kitchen!  Feel free to sing or play or clap along! More At-Home Music Activities: Try out playing sounds with spoons, a wooden bowl, a glass of water, a container of rice, etc....  See [...]

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