Redbud Classroom at Home-Friday 6/19

Happy Friday and happy Juneteenth!   Juneteenth is a celebration of the end of slavery in the United States. In honor of today I wanted to share a link to a concert that is happening tonight with the the renowned singing group Sweet Honey in the Rock (a group that we listened to at school. They [...]

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Juneberry Classroom at Home-Friday 6/19

Hi all! Here's a video of Teacher Lee reading "My People" by Langston Hughes, and talking about writing poems! If you'd like, write your own my people poem with your child, making a list of things they love about nature and about their people (could be family, friends, neighbors, cultural group etc.).  They draw first or [...]

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Oak Classroom at Home-Friday 6/19

Hello families!   News: Today is Juneteeth! You can learn more about Juneteenth and how folks are celebrating in Philadelphia here. Also, we will be returning childrens’ clothes and artwork on Tuesday the 23rd from 11:30am-3pm! Please come by CCS for a socially distanced hello and to pick up your items. Be in touch if [...]

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Redbud Classroom at Home-Thursday 6/18

Hi Redbud Families, In today's Teacher Message video, Decorating a Letter with Natural Materials, I snip some flowers and leaves from the garden and use them to decorate the letter "S". This project is a variation on tactile letters, a popular early literacy activity. Kids (and grown-ups) learn through all of their senses. Engaging more [...]

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Oak Classroom at Home-Thursday 6/18

Hello families! News: Morris Home is the first residential recovery program in the country to offer comprehensive services specifically for trans- and gender non-conforming individuals. It is also in West Philadelphia. This fundraiser is a great way to support our community mourning the death of Dominique Fells amid the larger uprising. Morris Home has also [...]

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Forest Friends Classroom at Home-Wednesday 6/17

Hello Forest Friends Families, Can you believe that there are only 7 days left of school? Just like everything else this year the ending of school is very different from years past. For Forest Friends we are going to be making an end of the year video sharing memories from this school year.  Please send video/audio/images/words of your children's Forest [...]

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Juneberry Classroom at Home-Wednesday 6/17

Good Afternoon, I'm so sorry my entry is so late. Life happened! I hope you enjoy the entry' I have attached a video of my reading a wonderful book that highlights the benefit of not giving up when a task seems difficult. Like Jabari we can be encouraged by others who have confidence in us. This is [...]

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Oak Classroom at Home-Wednesday 6/17

Hello families! News: A heads-up that next week Teacher Alex and Teacher Maddie are switching which day they will hold 1-on-1 zoom meetings--Alex will meet with Oaksters Tuesday (6/23) and Maddie will meet with Oaksters Thursday (6/25). Patterns Week 6: Using positional language in a variety of contexts (building, songs, puzzles) to deepen spatial awareness [...]

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Redbud Classroom at Home-Wednesday 6/17

Hello Redbud families!   Teacher Message: If your child has leftover flowers, leaves, and other natural materials after they’ve made their crown (see below for details), join me in turning them into a centerpiece for a table.  Arranging natural materials gives opportunities to notice and compare features like size, shape, texture, even smell.  If [...]

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