Remote Together

for school-age children doing “distance learning”

In 2020-21 CCS is offering “Remote Together,” a new program providing in-person care, support, and learning for early-elementary students as they participate in their schools’ virtual education plans.

The coming school year isn’t what any of us were hoping for. Every family has already been faced with tremendous challenges, and the reality is that there is more to come. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to offer expansive new programming to meet families’ and children’s changing needs, and to meet the challenges in front of us by focusing on mutual care and community. Our program will support your elementary students as they complete distance learning programs this year. Your child will keep their seat at your elementary school and participate fully in all distance learning activities—but also have the benefits of the CCS program.

The Remote Together program will provide:

  • A safe, supervised environment for “distance learning” activities
  • A group environment with responsive, attentive teachers
  • Robust health and safety plans
  • Socio-emotional learning—we teach resilience, self-care, frustration tolerance, conflict resolution, and other skills that are both crucial for children in this time of crisis and difficult to teach remotely
  • Tech support for children’s online learning
  • Active physical play
  • Planned hands-on learning activities and projects
  • Morning and afternoon snacks (children bring their own lunches)

The school year hasn’t even started yet, and we know so many families of elementary-age children who are feeling the strain. Remote learning isn’t ideal—but we know that we can make something great together.


  • 8:15am–3:30pm daily
  • Starting August 31, running as long as public schools are doing distance-only learning
  • Accepting children kindergarten through 2nd grade
  • We can accept a maximum of 18 children

Tuition and finance

  • Tuition is $1,200/month (less than $8/hour!)
  • Financial aid is available, and we accept CCIS/CCW
  • Enrollment and billing are monthly—no annual contract


Click the orange button, and select “elementary” as your grade.

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Veteran head teacher Tyler Colvard will lead the Remote Together program. Tyler, who holds a masters degree in early childhood education, has been a teacher for nearly a decade, working with children of a range of ages and needs. They’ve been at CCS since 2016, and before that they were a founding teacher at the Little Green Schoolhouse. Since March, they have been managing at-home and online education for several children. Teacher Tyler will be joined by teachers Lee and Ryan.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are families who aren’t CCS alums welcome? Yes please!
  • What’s up with tuition? Tuition will be paid month-to-month, with no security deposit—we know many of you are still figuring out the year, and waiting to hear on schools’ plans, so we want to provide as much flexibility as we can.
  • Is there a sibling discount? If two siblings are enrolled in Remote Together, we can offer a $200/month discount.
  • What ages will we accommodate? Right now we are open to kindergarten through second graders.
  • What’s the group size? We can accept a maximum of 18 children, who will work with two teachers at a time.
  • How will Remote Together interact with other classrooms at CCS? It won’t. Per our COVID policies, children from different classrooms will never share the same physical space, and shared spaces will be appropriately sanitized between groups. This is a super bummer, since there are so many benefits to mixing groups, but it’s a clear recommendation for health and safety this year.
  • How much outdoor time will there be? That depends a lot on factors outside our control—specifically, what kind of screen-time is required of these kids, and on what schedule. We will work to maximize outdoor time (both to reduce viral transmission rates and because kids need to use their bodies), and to create sub-groups of kids whose schedules align who can take outdoor breaks together. The whole staff of CCS will also be receiving professional development the week of August 24 on maximizing the use of outdoor time for play-based learning.
  • What will support for each child’s elementary curriculum look like, and what curriculum will CCS provide? Our plan is to support each child in participating as fully as possible in their elementary school’s curriculum. Different children will have different schedules of synchronus and asynchronus activities, and making a schedule that works for all children will definitely be a question of ongoing adjustments. But we expect to have a whole-group meeting time every day; we expect to be planning hands-on play-based learning activities that children can be doing when they are not at their screens; and we expect to be planning active physical play and learning outdoors every day. As with all programming at CCS, social and emotional learning is at the core of what we do. Our goal is to help equip children with skills they need to navigate the world they are in—confidence, flexibility, problem-solving, self-control, communication, etc.