We moved! We’re settling into our wonderful new home at 1212 South 47th Street. Your donation will go directly to helping improve our school!

Quick Links

Open Houses

Get a tour of the school, in-depth Q&A about our program, and a visit to the classrooms on a normal school day. Contact Merryl if you’d like to join us.


Come find us on Facebook for resources on education, parenting, mindfulness, and updates about goings-on around school.


Buy Music to Support Financial Aid!

Staff at CCS has created two albums of music for children and families. 100% of sales benefit financial aid at our school!

All music is available for download at Gumroad.

Children’s Community School Musicapaloozica and Dance-a-thon


In 2016 Jarrod and Laura O got together over spring break to record twenty new tracks featuring guitar, banjo, ukulele, harmony, and general silliness.

Download the entire album for $15 at Gumroad. Listen to “Greenberry Tree” for free!

Teacher Jarrod’s Acoustic Preschool Dance Party Jams


In 2014 Jarrod recorded some of the greatest hits from his classroom repertoire. Guaranteed to please young ears!

Download for $10 from Gumroad. Listen to “The Kids Went Down to the Alligator Town” for free!

Economy Pack!

Want all the music? Download both albums for $20!

Please remember, every sale helps children attend preschool. So don’t copy the album for friends—buy another copy, and know how much good your purchase is doing.