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Prospective Families

Our mission at CCS is to create a learning community that honors and empowers children to engage their whole selves in education. Utilizing progressive education, we build a better society by fostering creativity, problem solving skills, communication skills, a sense of initiative, and a capacity to listen. We encourage students to engage their bodies, minds, and emotions, to make meaning, form relationships, and to develop an understanding of themselves as active members of community.

Program Details

Enrollment at CCS is September–June. We have four classrooms: the Redbud class (ages 18 months – 3 years, 8:30 to 12:30, 3 teachers and 15 children), the Oak class (ages 2 – 4 years, 8:30 to 12:30, 3 teachers and 18 children), the Juneberry class (ages 3 – 5 years, 8:30 to 12:30 or 2:30, 2 teachers and 13 children) and the Magnolia class (children ages 3 – 5 years, 8:30 to 12:30 or 2:30, 2 teachers and 18 children).

Children bring their own lunches each day and we provide a healthy snacks in the morning and afternoon. Our tuition includes our adjunct offerings— learning with specialists in areas such as music, yoga, cooking, storytelling, etc. We often have student teachers, volunteers, and other visitors in the room as well.

To Apply or Enroll

In order to enroll at CCS we require:

  • An application and application fee—click orange button below to apply
  • Attendance at an open house or other visit to CCS
  • Emergency Contact Information; CCS Enrollment Agreement; Pediatrician Form and Immunization Records
  • $400 security deposit, returned when you leave CCS minus any outstanding payments
  • First payment of tuition for the year (see tuition, below)

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Tuition for 2017–18

  • 2-day (8:30-12:30): Monday and Tuesday: $4,200/year (first payment $382)
  • 3-day (8:30-12:30): Wednesday through Friday: $6,311/year (first payment $574)
  • 5-day (8:30-12:30): Monday through Friday: $10,511/year (first payment $956)
  • 5-day (8:30-2:30): Monday through Friday: $13,208/year (first payment $1,201)
  • 5-day (8:30-4:30): Monday through Friday: $17,315/year (first payment $1,574)
  • 5-day (8:30-5:30): Monday through Friday: $19,368/year (first payment $1,761)
  • AFTERCARE: Our afternoon program runs from 12:30- 5:30 on a scheduled or “drop in” basis, as space allows. Aftercare is $12/hour.

After securing your child’s spot with the security deposit and first payment, families choose one of the payment plans below for the remaining balance. These remaining payments are made through TADS, the external company that handles our applications, enrollment and tuition. Payments are made by check, credit card/debit card or direct debit. There is a service charge for credit cards.

  • ONE Payment: Pay remaining tuition in July.
  • TWO Payments: Pay half of remaining balance in July and half in January
  • MONTHLY Payments: Starting July and ending April. Monthly payment option requires a $45 fee.

Financial Support

Information about Financial Support options available here.

Other Payment Policies and Fees

A charge of $50 per month is incurred for all late payments. Should your debt to CCS exceed your security deposit, your child will be considered to be withdrawn from the program.

Security deposits are returned by August 15th of the academic year in which your child was enrolled, regardless of your withdrawal date. We can only refund deposits to families withdrawing before the year’s end if we find another family to enroll in your child’s place.

We have a program change fee of $125 for any changes in program mid-year (from 2-day to 3-day program, for example). In order to change programs, we require that there be a child to take your child’s place. There is also a $125 fee for leaving the program mid-year.

Nondiscrimination Statement

The Children’s Community School welcomes all children and families. Our policies, procedures, and practices are designed to prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin, age, sex, or gender.