Financial Aid at CCS


About 30% of CCS students receive financial aid or other forms of tuition subsidy in order to attend.

  • CCW: We accept Child Care Works (CCW, also known as CCIS or ELRC), Pennsylvania state subsidies for low-income working families.
  • PHLpreK: We are a provider with PHLpreK, Philadelphia’s free high-quality preschool initiative! More information on our PHLpreK page.
  • Financial Aid: We provide direct financial aid, with awards typically ranging from 10–40% of tuition.

Applications for school-based financial aid for 2024–25 will be open in March 2024. Please read the materials below carefully before applying. Contact us with any questions.

Financial Aid Application

For families who are not using CCW or PHLpreK, we offer direct financial aid.

Financial aid applications for 2024-25 are now closed. Contact director Patricia with any questions. Applications for 2025-26 will open in February 2025.

How to Apply

  1. Prepare.
    1. Look at the list of application questions before you actually start the application, and make sure you are prepared to answer them.
    2. Gather any documentation needed (see below).
  2. Apply before March 31, 2024. Complete the application online.
  3. Submit Documentation. Documentation can be emailed to, or hard copies can be mailed or dropped off at the school. One of the two types of documentation is required:
    1. Proof of current receipt of public benefits
    2. Proof of Income and Expenses/Debts/Liabilities
      1. Income: 1040 or W2 or 1099 or paystub for all jobs listed
      2. Expenses, Debts, and Liabilities: For any item that is more than 10% of your income, submit documentation (e.g., copy of rent check, or bill for childcare expenses, or credit card statement).

If you have questions about this process, contact


Child Care Works (CCW, also known as CCIS or ELRC), is a Pennsylvania state subsidy for low-income working families. Families who qualify pay a weekly co-pay directly to CCS, and CCW covers the remainder. The CCW program at CCS runs from 8:30am-3pm with free early drop off at 8:15am. Alternately, families using PHLpreK to pay for Full-Day tuition can use CCW subsidies to pay for the “add-on” cost of our Extended-Day (6:00) program.

If you’re already enrolled in CCW (Child Care Works, also known as CCIS or ELRC), we may have CCW seats available. You do not need to fill out the financial aid application right now. Please contact assistant director Leon McClain to discuss enrollment.

If you’re not enrolled in CCW but your household income is below 200% of the federal poverty level and you are employed, you may be eligible for CCW subsidy. Reach out to Child Care Works for more information.


Find out more about CCS’s participation in this program, and how your family can apply, at our PHLpreK page.