Rent our Space!

Our building is available for events, parties, classes, meetings, and more!

CCS has an open, light-filled common room space that works well for parties and groups of up to 60 people; four classroom spaces that are good for meetings, break-out sessions, and small groups; and a kitchen and small library. We also have a large yard that is great for play and outdoor gatherings!

We prioritize making our space accessible to our neighborhood and community—rental rates are very competitive. We offer discounts for full-day and long-term rentals.

Photo courtesy of Van Anglen Photography.

“I’ve taught many classes for large groups of adults in CCS’s common space, as well as held meetings for small groups in the side classrooms. The space is comfortable, and the staff is welcoming and helpful.”

“We had our daughter’s 1st birthday party at CCS and it was a perfect space for kids of all ages. I would strongly recommend it!”

Photo courtesy of Van Anglen Photography.

Current and past renters include Kol Tzedek‘s torah school, Nalandabodhi meditation group, In Sacred Balance, The Green Tambourine music classes, The Fathering Circle, the Early Childhood Consortium of West Philadelphia, and more!


  • “The Common Room” — large space accommodating up to 60 adults; includes a stage for performances or lectures
  • The “Redbud Room” and the “Oak Room” — two downstairs classrooms, suitable for groups up to 15–20 adults
  • The “Juneberry Room” and the “Magnolia Room” — two upstairs classrooms, suitable for groups up to 8 and 20 adults, respectively
  • The kitchen, including oven, stovetop, dishwasher, microwave, toaster oven
  • The yard, including large sandbox and various climbing equipment


  • 5 large folding tables, seating 40+ adults
  • Adult chairs for 40+
  • Plentiful equipment for young children (tables, chairs, climbing equipment, etc.)
  • Child-accessible bathrooms and sinks in all four classrooms
  • Kitchen with equipment including stove, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, coffee-maker, etc.
  • Portable amplifier with bluetooth, auxiliary in (for phones, etc.), and microphone
  • WiFi
  • Wheelchair accessible

Our common room is perfect for classes, large meetings, and PARTIES!

Our yard is great for play in any weather!