Social Justice Resources

Do you want to talk to your young child about issues of social justice, but don’t know how? You’re not alone—most adults find topics like race, gender, and class difficult to talk about with children. But if we don’t find ways to talk about it, children will learn whatever they can glean from unspoken messages, and that doesn’t often work out very well. The staff at CCS is always available to help you find strategies. Also, you may find some of the resources below useful.

“They’re Not Too Young to Talk about Race”

Perhaps you’ve seen this infographic we made. Feel free to share with families and educators!

Click here for JPG in English,  JPG en Español, or print-resolution PDF (with clickable links) in English.

Infographic created by the Children’s Community School, based in part on information and ideas from Jillian Addler at FirstUp, Lori Riddick at Raising Race Conscious Children, and kiran nigam at the Anti-Oppressive Resource and Training Alliance. © 2018.

Gender Inclusion Policy

Read our policy and practices on gender inclusion as CCS.