Summer Camp 2022

This year our summer camp will run for seven weeks, July 5th through August 19th; children will be able to sign up for just the first five weeks, or for all seven.

As of March 18, we are opening enrollment to currently-enrolled children only. On April 22 if there is space remaining we will open enrollment to alumni, siblings, and children who will start at CCS in the fall.

5 weeks (July 5–Aug 5) 7 weeks (July 5–Aug 19)
Toddler (2 years old as of July 1)
Part Day (12:30) $1,700 $2,350
Full Day (3:00) $2,000 $2,800
Extended Day (5:30) $2,500 $3,500
PreK (age 3+ as of July 1)
Part Day (12:30) $1,500 $2,000
Full Day (3:00) $1,750 $2,500
Extended Day (5:30) $2,200 $3,000

Discounts available to families receiving school-year financial aid—email Jarrod for info.

To Enroll

Families attending the current (2021-22) school year, simply fill out this form and Stephanie will follow up with you.

Families not currently attending CCS, check this space after April 22, or join our public mailing list.


Can I enroll for just some of the weeks? Your child is not obligated to attend every day (or even every week) that they are enrolled. But in order to staff this summer in a year still full of uncertainties, and in order to keep things as safe as possible in a changing COVID landscape, we are not able to offer week-by-week enrollment this year.

Who will the staff be? It will be a mix of school-year teachers and summer counselors; we will let you know more about them as they are hired and confirmed for the the summer.

What is the daily schedule like? It’s a lot like the school-year schedule, but with more outdoor time!

How are the groups/classes made? Most summers the Redbud class is made up entirely of two- and three-year olds who spent the previous school year in Redbud; the Oak class is mostly returning Oak kids; and the Magnolia class is a mix of kids coming from the school-year Juneberry and Magnolia classrooms.

What’s it like for the youngest kids? In past summers the Redbud class has been a lovely small group with an especially high adult-to-child ratio. We stick with the structured schedule they’re familiar with from the school year, with plenty of time for outdoor play.

There will be water play, right? We spend a lot of time in the summer with sprinklers, hoses, kiddie pools, and more. While we can’t say for sure if something about the pandemic will change, we currently expect that children will not need to wear masks outdoors and that water play will be frequent.