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Summer Camp at CCS

NOTE: The information below refers to last summer, 2017. This summer (2018) summer camp will run five weeks, July 9 through August 10. Much of the information below will still apply, but some will change. This website will be updated in March. If you need information before then, email Jarrod.


Children 2 through 8 years old (as of July 1st) are invited to join us for the summer. There will be two age groups, the Explorers (2*–4 years old) and the Makers (5–8 years old). Our camps and classes are designed to inspire imagination, creativity, and the wonder of learning. Explorers will engage in dramatic play, building, art, and sensory explorations. Makers will explore and investigate using dramatic play, science, and art to engineer, build, and create.

* Note: The summer camp program is appropriate for two-year-olds who have previously participated in out-of-home group care apart from their parents or primary caregivers.


Camp will run five weeks, July 10 through August 11. Families may choose any combination of the five weeks to sign up for. (We are not permitting partial-week sign-ups this summer.) Children may attend for our “Short Day” (8:30 to 12:30) or our “Long Day” (8:30 to 3:00). We offer Aftercare until 5:30, as well as free early drop-off starting at 8:00.


  • Short Day: $240 per week
  • Long Day: $325 per week
  • Long Day + Aftercare: $425 per week
  • 5-week discount: 5%


Financial aid is available. Details will be added here soon. Email Jarrod for details.


We’ll be opening up registration for summer by mid-March. If your child is not enrolled at CCS and you want to make sure you hear as soon as registration opens, join our public mailing list.


Week 1 (July 10–14) Animal and Animal Architects

Discover the master builders of the animal world through literature, images, and real life observations! Using wood, cardboard, sticks, mud, fabric, and found objects, campers will enter the world of animals as they build big and small. We will explore the world of animals, their movements, and their habitats through dramatic play, puppet making, and home building.

Week 2 (July 17–21) Kids in the Kitchen: Baking Boot Camp

Ready your rollers, warm up your beaters and roll up your sleeves! Muffins, loafs, cookies, and breads—campers will be measuring, scooping, cutting, kneading, and eating as we practice techniques and identify flavors. Come join us to as we delve into this delicious and artful world! The fabulous Shayna Marmar, owner of Honeypie Cooking, will lead cooking education each morning.

Week 3 (July 24–28) Kids in the Kitchen: Schoolyard Gardening and Cooking

Budding green thumbs come join us in the garden and kitchen! We will tend to and harvest veggies and herbs and turn them into delicious meals. In this gardening and cooking camp, kids will learn how to care for a plant from growing to harvesting, then they’ll take the day’s produce and make healthy, delicious snacks and meals. Shayna Marmar, owner of Honeypie Cooking, will be on hand to guide kids as they experience ingredients and develop cooking skills.

Week 4 (July 31–August 4) Mud and Clay!

If you love mud, this is the week for you! We will make mud, play in mud, and even build with mud. Indoors we’ll explore the wonders of clay as we make sculptures and other artwork in the original “hands-on” material! Outdoors we’ll construct our own PVC pipe “Hogwash” so you will have clean kiddos by Friday. Exciting messes are guaranteed!

Week 5 (August 7–11) Medieval Adventures

Step into the world of long-ago and create your own cardboard castle, decorate foam swords, design crowns and shields, and battle dragons. Build an obstacle course and join us on imaginary adventures as campers will bring an inventive medieval world to life. Use your imagination to go on quests; use your body for jousts and duels!