Dear Families,

This is Teacher Carrie, the CCS Curriculum Coordinator and parent to two CCS students.  Today we will be learning about the importance of Taking Alone Time for kids and grown-ups alike.  Kids may have all different feelings about spending time alone; it may feel relaxing, boring, relieving, scary, uncomfortable or fun depending on your child’s disposition as well as their needs at this time.  If your child feels reluctant to take alone time, as many kids do, you can try practicing for short, predictable periods of time each day and reassure them that it’s okay if it feels uncomfortable at first; we learn to feel more comfortable with it through practice just like everything else!

In today’s video, I teach kids and their grown-ups some strategies for supporting your child in taking alone time at your house.  It’s a good one to watch together if you can!

You can also find my What Can I Do During Alone Time list for kids attached.  (Thanks to my nephew Ollie for being my illustrator).

I don’t know about you, but my kids got a bit squirrely at our house last week with so many rainy days in a row.  Today I’d like to share 5 Rainy Day Activities That Use Things You Have Around Your Home:  

1.  Serve kids a snack while they sit in a plastic laundry basket. It’s easy to clean, keeps them contained and is mysteriously fun.

2. Spray the floor with spray soap and then give the kids dishcloths to stand on. They can then skate around the kitchen cleaning the floor with their feet; it’s physical, it’s silly and they get to feel helpful at the same time.

3. Dress the kids in their bathing suits and play “beach” or “swimming pool” in the bathtub. Or even just in the living room. Doing unusual things is fun.

4. Use the recycling in combination with the other toys. There are endless possibilities here- you can build structures out of boxes and cans, make homes for dolls and animals, make toilet paper tube tunnels for little cars to drive through, etc.

5. Read a book by flashlight in a closet. If we have been having a loud day together, I try whispering the story to my kids, as children often match our volume.

Happy playing, everyone!

Best wishes,

Teacher Carrie