Dear Families,

My name is Teacher Octavia and I’m excited to be here with you at the CCS Summer Club!  Today I want to share a delight of mine for the summer months. Visiting the Aquarium in the summer is a very exciting trip for my family. It cannot only provide some real quality time together but provide education on so many levels for each of us. I hope you have an opportunity to partake in a few of my suggested activities to learn about the wonderful creations that make their home under water.

In today’s video, we learn about two animals that I love to see at the aquarium:  sea stars and jellyfish!  To learn more about these animals, I’d recommend two brief (3-5 minute), educational videos:  All About Jellyfish and The Amazing World of Sea Stars.

Activity One: Make a Jellyfish


  1. Small paper towels
  2. Crepe or Tissue Paper
  3. Glue
  4. Markers or Paint
  5. String

Color or paint the bowl and allow it to dry.

Cut crepe paper into strips about I” by 8” and glue to the inside of the bowl.

Poke a hole in the top of the bowl to insert a small piece of yarn to hold string.

Activity Three: Create Flash Cards


  1. Small pieces of paper or cardboard cut in small rectangles
  2. Color or paste pictures of sea animals on the cards
  3. If desired, place the beginning letter or name on the card front.

With flash cards children can rehearse their knowledge of each animal, letter recognition, color recognition, attributes of the animal and knowledge of the environment they live in.

While younger children will enjoy just looking at the pictures, the older children can be given attributes to guess which animal is being described. The animal described can then be shown to the delight of your child. This is a great game to play with two or more children.

I hope you enjoy your virtual visit to the Aquarium!


Teacher Octavia