Hi there, CCS Summer Club!
I’m Teacher Alex (they/them or she/her) and I’ve been a Redbud and Oak teacher at CCS for three years. Today I’m going to paint a picture of things I see outside my bedroom window, by mixing different colors of paint together. This is a fun way to learn to identify how primary colors combine to make secondary colors, and to build color recognition. An easy substitute for paint is food coloring which you can find at most grocery stores!
Watch Teacher Alex’s painting lesson here!
Activity 1: Color hunt
(pen and paper, camera optional)
Go on a color hunt around your house, or around your neighborhood! You can take a pen and paper to tally the times you see a particular color, or take pictures of things you discover on a camera or phone to go over them with your child afterwards. You can support your child to feel empowered through this activity by having them choose the color you’re hunting for and where you go to look for it! Tallying and counting items on your hunt supports early math learning, while building color recognition.
Activity 2: Drawing a picture of what you see on a walk
(paper and crayons/pencils/markers)
Plan a walk around your neighborhood with your child, with the intention of drawing what you see on your walk once you get home. This activity can help your child build their ability to recall what they observe and strengthen this skill through drawing. You can prompt your child to notice and discuss what they see on the walk, and focus on a specific aspect of their environment: colors, shapes, signs, and so on.
Have a great weekend!
Teacher Alex