Hello families,

As promised, here is our “for parents” video outlining why we should be having hard conversations and tips on how to have them. We hope it is useful to help you think about the conversations you want to be having with your children and that it supports you in having those conversations. Please reach out with any thoughts, questions, or concerns. While this video can apply to all hard conversations, we are specifically referring to the ones that are very relevant during this time, like those on police violence, racism, uprisings and protests.

Again, here is our video and script to help you talk through the story of George Floyd’s murder with your child. We feel like this story is a logical starting place for these conversations.

Here is the video: Teacher Patricia and Teacher Rachel Tell The Story of George Floyd
Script: Script for Discussing the Death of George Floyd with Young Children

We hope you do what you have to do this weekend to take care of yourselves and your community. We are sending you love.

Rachel and Patricia
Magnolia Classroom