Hi families! Here are our activities and videos for today:


We have transitioned to sending out our weekly activities on Sunday evening. Here is the document with our activities for this week. 


End-of-school video: Teacher Rachel and Teacher Patricia discuss what it means for school to be ending and talk about some feelings kids might have about the end of the year.


Reminder: Make a Share and Tell video! As we do every weekend, we’re asking you for a short clip (or pictures or a written answer if sending it to us in video format doesn’t work for you!) for our Share and Tell video. Please try to send it by 2pm on Sunday.


News: Teacher Sarah (Forest Friends) is coordinating a poster project for CCS featuring the guiding principles of the Black Lives Matter movement. We envision each poster to headline one principle, i.e., Restorative Justice, Empathy, Diversity, Loving Engagement, etc, along with your children’s drawings or words about what that principle means to them. These posters will be displayed from inside CCS’s front windows, so if you’re helping a child write, it’s ideal that the principle is written big and bold. Attached to this email is Lalena Garcia’s guide to kid-friendly conversations on Black Lives Matter principles. We encourage parents to use Garcia’s suggested language corresponding to each principle while consistently making connections to children’s lived experiences. The posters can be dropped off at the school or you can send a photo of your poster to sarah@childrenscommunityschool.org.

Have a lovely weekend!