Hello Redbud families!


Teacher Message: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc1jXQaAHf0

In today’s video, I talk about how people, animals, and plants all need air.  Then I invite Redbuds to pretend to be a tree as they take some slow breaths.

Story Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSeGxjtPR-w

In this video, I read Breathe and Be: A Book of Mindfulness Poems by Kate Coombs and illustrated by Anna Emilia Laitinen.

Related Activities:

  • Invite your child to take a mindful moment with a plant in your home, yard, or neighborhood.  Children may want to start by placing their palms on the trunk of a tree, feeling some grass with their toes, or gently touching a house plant with one finger.  Then ask them to pose their body like a plant and take a slow breath.

  • Pretending can also be a positive way to help children deal with limitations.  For example, if you are in a store with your child and have to wait in line and keep space between the other customers, you might say: “Let’s pretend we are seedlings planted in the soil.  We need to plant our feet like roots right here.  Then when it’s time to move forward, we’ll pretend we are moving to a bigger pot.  Okay, Seedling, here comes a drizzle of rain, do you feel it?”


End of Year Project: Make a Crown with Natural Materials

We have a tradition of making crowns for the end of the year Graduation celebration.  This year CCS will have a live online ceremony at noon on Thursday, June 25.  We would like to ask families to help their Redbud make a crown and decorate it with natural materials (flowers, leaves, even twigs).  We’d also ask that you send us a picture of your child wearing the crown to be included in a slideshow, and then wear the crown for the event on June 25.  If you need materials such as cardstock or construction paper and tape, please let us know and we can deliver or mail supplies.  Naima will demonstrate making a crown in her video this coming Tuesday.


Here’s a pic of Redbud kids wearing crowns last year:  https://www.flickr.com/gp/166558257@N06/X4dK6U