Happy Friday and happy Juneteenth!
Juneteenth is a celebration of the end of slavery in the United States. In honor of today I wanted to share a link to a concert that is happening tonight with the the renowned singing group Sweet Honey in the Rock (a group that we listened to at school. They will perform with award-winning Philadelphia poet Sonia Sanchez and many others at 8pm. You can pay $19 for a ticket to watch from “the front row” online, or you can watch the livestream for free on YouTube, Facebook, or online at sweethoneyintherock.orgMore information about this event can be found here.  
In today’s teacher video I took paint outside and made art with natural materials.
For today’s activity, find some paint and natural materials and practice painting. You can notice the type of strokes they are using (big vs. small) and how the paint looks depending the surface they are painting. For example, if they are using purple it might be brighter on a yellow leaf and not visible at all on a black rock.