Hello Redbud families!


Teacher Message: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jyBfXdJ-7g

If your child has leftover flowers, leaves, and other natural materials after they’ve made their crown (see below for details), join me in turning them into a centerpiece for a table.  Arranging natural materials gives opportunities to notice and compare features like size, shape, texture, even smell.  If your child has had some practice using scissors before, trimming flower stems to place in a jar or vase can be a great way to practice scissor skills and estimating size.



End of Year Project: Make a Crown with Natural Materials

We have a tradition of making crowns for the end of the year Graduation celebration.  We would like to ask families to help their Redbud make a paper crown and decorate it with natural materials (flowers, leaves, even twigs).  We’d also ask that you send us a picture of your child wearing the crown by Friday June 19, so we can include it in a slideshow.  And please wear the crown for the event on June 25!  If you need materials such as cardstock or construction paper and tape, please let us know and we can deliver or mail supplies.  Naima demonstrated making a crown in her video Tuesday, June 16.


Meal Train:

If you are able, please sign up for this meal train for Osai’s family:  https://www.mealtrain.com/trains/4lr5lm


Anti-Racist Resources: Anti-Racist Resources can be found here