Hello families!

News: A heads-up that next week Teacher Alex and Teacher Maddie are switching which day they will hold 1-on-1 zoom meetings–Alex will meet with Oaksters Tuesday (6/23) and Maddie will meet with Oaksters Thursday (6/25).

Patterns Week 6: Using positional language in a variety of contexts (building, songs, puzzles) to deepen spatial awareness in the context of our pattern exploration.

Activity: Using descriptive and positional language (“on top of,” “underneath,” “next to,” etc.)  you can add the aspect of hiding and revealing an object.  You can notice how they position blocks, cars, trains, etc in relation to one another.

Video: In today’s video, Teacher Alex will use positional words while playing a hide-and-seek game with dice and cups! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVsqrKpAizY&t=187s


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