Hi, CCS families, alums, and community members—

I hope that you are all safe this evening. As you probably know, there was a large protest on 52nd street today, which included the police’s use of tear gas and rubber bullets against unarmed and peaceful civilians. This comes of course in the context of protesters across the country once again speaking up against violence against Black folks at the hands of police, and in many cases being on the receiving end of violence themselves.
Knowing our community, I imagine that many of you and your children participated in some of the protests. It remains a crucial time to teach our children about injustice, and about what they can do to change things.
A huge thank you to everyone who has begun to share resources and suggestions on the CCS Community Group. (Enrolled families, if you’re not in that group and would like to be, please email me and I’ll add you.) As mentioned in one of those threads, Teacher Katelyn of the Oak room is going to be starting up some e-conversations about talking to children about protest, including state violence—please email them (copied here) if you’d like to be involved.
I expect that this particular moment of unrest in our neighborhood will subside in the coming days; I know our community’s commitment to raising children who will be upstanders in the face of injustice will continue unabated.
If you need anything, please reach out—we know that our community is strong, and mutual support is available. In the meantime, please take care of yourselves, take care of your children, take care of your neighbors.
PS—I know it’s hard not to be watching the news and such—but as much as you can try to avoid letting your children see videos and images of violence. Even if you are directly communicating with children about current events, videos and images are likely to be confusing and frightening, and can distract from the message you’re trying to get across.