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Resources for Anti-Racist Actions:

There is no neutral stance when it comes to racism. Therefore, we must take anti-racist action whenever, wherever, and however we can. Below is a very short and incomplete list of locally-focused anti-racist actions that you can take:


Donate to local bail funds:

www.phillybailout.com and www.phillybailfund.com 


Donate to local anti-racist organizations:

  • Philly REAL Justice: “The Philadelphia Coalition for Racial Economic and Legal Justice (REAL) is an inclusive grassroots organization that is community focused and globally engaged. Our mission is to provide a safe space for community organizations and individuals to come together and combine resources to eliminate the system of white supremacy and police terror across all areas of racial, economic, and legal oppression.” note: this organization was on the ground during the protests that took place in West Philly and North Philly on Sunday, May 31st, organizing protestors, supplies, and jail support.


  • Black and Brown Workers Cooperative – Philadelphia: “We the Black and Brown Workers Cooperative (BBWC), a direct action social social justice entity, have come together to combat injustices that manifest both in and out of the non-profit organizational structure and in the broader community of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Our mission is to actively challenge, resist and dismantle, those colonialist, white supremacist and oppressive systems that impact our lives as Black and Brown workers.”


  • BLM Philly! Their website was unfortunately down at the time this list was created, but please check back so that you can support them when it does go back up. In the meantime, you can follow them on twitter and instagram at @BLMPhilly.


Join actions to defund the Philadelphia Police Department:

#PhillyWeRise,an online resource maintained by the Movement Alliance Project and 215 People’s Alliance, makes this call: “The City of Philadelphia has proposed a $14 million dollar budget increase for the Philadelphia Police Department, at a time when the libraries are getting an over $12 million dollar cut, our Parks and Recreation budget is getting an almost $13 million dollar cut, our public health is getting an over $8 million dollar cut, our public defenders face a 4% cut and major staffing shortfall, and the city is entirely eliminating the $4 million budget for arts and culture in our city…The budget process during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order has happened entirely online, with drastically limited public comment and little ways to hold our elected officials accountable.” Follow the #PhillyWeRise link for a list of elected city officials’ email addresses and a related petition.


Sign up to testify at the budget public hearing happening on June 9th:

  • Email budget.hearings@phila.gov with your full name and a phone number where you can be reached
  • Write that you want to testify June 9th at the 3pm-5pm public testimony hearing
  • Write that you want to speak about the budget bills, numbers #200285, 200286, 200287, 200288, 200289, and 200291
  • You should get an email back confirming that they will call you to testify on the 9th between 3pm and 5pm. Write back to confirm your phone number.
  • Prepare your 2-minutes-or-fewer-long testimony. What community services and supports should we spend money on instead of