Hello Magnolia families,


For the rest of the school year, we will be sending you the activities for the week in one email/document on the Sunday evening before the start of the week. We will continue sending daily emails with videos and zoom links.


Remember, use this as it is useful to you! These are just suggested activities, you can take bits and pieces, or none of it at all.


This week, we recognize that the protests against police violence are at the front of many people’s minds. If we were in school, this moment would be guiding our discussions and curriculum with the kids. However, since we are not in a classroom with children, we do not know their reactions, questions, or awareness of the topic. If you are discussing this at home or noticing any questions/behaviors from your child, please let us know. We are here to work with you and support you and your family, and will be sending more resources tomorrow.


Please find attached our activities for the week (many of which are social justice oriented), or click the link above to look at it as a google doc.


Sending you and your children our love