Hi Redbud Families,

In today’s Teacher Message video, Decorating a Letter with Natural Materials, I snip some flowers and leaves from the garden and use them to decorate the letter “S”. This project is a variation on tactile letters, a popular early literacy activity. Kids (and grown-ups) learn through all of their senses. Engaging more than one sense when teaching something new can help them process and retain the information. Adding texture to writing gives kids the opportunity to both see and feel the shapes of the letters. You might have other materials around—such as sandpaper, glitter, yarn, or pipecleaners, to name a few—that would make great tactile letters. An added bonus I discovered when I decorated my S is that many natural materials also activate our sense of smell!


End of Year Project: Make a Crown with Natural Materials

We have a tradition of making crowns for the end of the year Graduation celebration.  We would like to ask families to help their Redbud make a paper crown and decorate it with natural materials (flowers, leaves, even twigs).  We’d also ask that you send us a picture of your child wearing the crown by tomorrow so we can include it in a slideshow.  And please wear the crown for the event on June 25!  If you need materials such as cardstock or construction paper and tape, please let us know and we can deliver or mail supplies.  Naima demonstrated making a crown in her video Tuesday, June 16.


Meal Train:

If you are able, please sign up for this meal train for Osai’s family:  https://www.mealtrain.com/trains/4lr5lm


Anti-Racist Resources: Our link to Anti-Racist Resources is now in our email signature.

A list of all of Redbud’s teacher video messages can be accessed here. Happy viewing!
Anti-Racist Resources can be found here