Hi Redbud families,

In today’s teacher message, I talk about what the end of the year means–that Redbud teachers, like teachers at most schools, will be taking a break–and I make a crown for our last day of school celebration!
Today’s suggested activity is easy to guess: make a crown with your little one to celebrate the end of the year! Making crowns to wear at the end-of-year celebration is a schoolwide tradition that marks the culmination of learning and growth of all CCS children. Using natural materials for crown-making is something that Redbuds have done in previous years, and something that you and your little one can do too! You can use natural materials as tools, like how I used a leaf to spread glue on paper, and you can use them in your creation, like gluing natural materials to your crown like I did! There are so many creative possibilities! For more guidance about how to talk to your Redbud about the last day of school, along with details about our planned full class zoom on Wednesday, June 24th, look for our email entitled The end of this school year.
And, as always, don’t forget to check on our locally-focused resource list for ways that you can talk to your little one about race and justice, and locally support and uplift Black organizations in the wake of George Floyd’s murder.
Thanks, everyone! Be well.

A list of all of Redbud’s teacher video messages can be accessed here. Happy viewing!
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