Hello, Redbud families!

What a year it has been! Your little ones have grown so much, we’ve faced and bested unimaginable challenges together, and here we find ourselves at the last week of school. Can you believe it? I barely can.
In today’s teacher message, Sock the hand puppet and I talk about how this week is the last week of school, and how teachers will be taking a break for the summer. We talk about what will be the same, and what will be different. Sock and I also talk about how we’re excited to have a break, and we will miss making our video messages for our Redbud friends, and that it’s okay to feel more than one big feeling at the same time. To help ourselves feel better, we close out our teacher message offerings for the year with the same song we began them with: “Nibble, Nibble, Nibble”.
Today’s suggested activities are listed below as reminders of ways you can help your little one understand that the last day of school is coming, as well as dates and times for our Redbud class zoom and a CCS-wide zoom that will celebrate the end of the year! Also: don’t forget to make crowns to wear to both!
We on the Redbud teaching team have appreciated so much your willingness to embark on this journey we’ve taken together this year, first with entrusting your little ones to us for their first school experience, then with online programming during one of the most disruptive and uncertain times of our lives. We are deeply humbled, and profoundly grateful. Thank you.