Hello families!

News: We will be returning childrens’ clothes and artwork on Tuesday the 23rd from 11:30am-3pm! Please come by CCS for a socially distanced hello and to pick up your items. Be in touch if you cannot make this date—we should be able to work something else out.

End-of-year Curriculum: During our last week before summer break, we will be touching on a variety of things to prepare kiddos for summer! We will have a paper chain and be counting down the last days of classes. We will be building together, reading stories, and having our big zoom goodbye Friday at noon!

Focus: Talking with children about the seasons and changes that are taking place in nature and in families. We can use descriptive words that we’ve been using for building to connect this language to the idea that change is always happening!

Activity: You can create a paper chain with 5 links for the 5 days we have left of “school” and count down the days.

Video: In our Zoom call today, we will be showing Oaksters our paper chain!