Hello families!

News: We will be returning childrens’ clothes and artwork on Tuesday the 23rd from 11:30am-3pm! Please come by CCS for a socially distanced hello and to pick up your items. Be in touch if you cannot make this date—we should be able to work something else out.

End-of-year Curriculum: We will have a paper chain and be counting down the last days of classes. We will also have our zoom goodbye on Friday at noon, and be sending out a class book about our year together!

Focus: Talking with children about the seasons and changes that are taking place in nature and in families. We can use descriptive words that we’ve been using for building to connect this language to the idea that change is always happening!

Activity: As you remove a chain from your paper chain today, you can ask your child something they remember from the Oak and write it on the chain you’ve taken off. At the end you can staple them back together and have a chain of Oakster memories!

Video: In today’s video, Teacher Katelyn takes a chain off of their paper chain and remembers playing Hide and Seek in the Common Room with Oaksters.