Hello Forest Friends, happy last week of school!
Teacher Madeleine here! Here is a video of me reflecting on the school year coming to a close, and some of my favorite memories from Forest Friends.
Hopefully, watching this video can help your kid remember our year together, and hopefully jog some memories they want to share with us! Forest Friends Teachers are making a memories compilation video, and we would love it if you could send a video, audio, or quotes from your child sharing memories from Forest Friends! It can be very short and sweet if you need; we want every kid to have a chance to be in the finished product, so we can share it together, and use it as a tool to process this year.
Here are some more prompting questions you can ask:
What is your silliest memory from Forest Friends?  Do you have any messages you want to share to your friends in Forest Friends?
Who do you remember playing with after your rest time? Can you tell me a story about *another child* from forest friends? Did you have a favorite song to dance at the end of the day in the common room before pickup? What was your favorite activity to do with your afternoon teachers?
Much love,
Teacher Madeleine