Hello Forest Friends!

As we prepare for the end of this strange school year, we are working on a project to reflect on our time together and feel connected to each other in sharing these memories.
Next week, we’ll be sending out videos of our own ccs memories and reflecting on everything we’ve learned and relationships we have developed during our time together in Forest Friends this year. We will be talking about feelings around the year coming to a close and feelings around remembering, especially!
This weekend or coming week, we would love it if you interviewed your kiddo (video if comfortable, or audio or transcribing work too!) and ask them to tell a story or share memories from Forest Friends.
To prompt for this activity, you can ask more open ended questions, such as:
What is your silliest memory from Forest Friends? What were your favorite things to do in afternoons? Do you have any messages you want to share to your friends in Forest Friends?
Or, you can ask:
Who do you remember playing with after your rest time? Can you tell me a story about *another child* from forest friends? Did you have a favorite song to dance at the end of the day in the common room before pickup? Can you tell me what happened in one of Teacher Zach’s puppet shows?
You might look back at FF daily notes for inspiration and memory-jogging!
This can also be a drawing or book making activity–you can ask your child to draw a picture of a FF memory, or make a story book explaining what would happen in the afternoons.
You can send your video/audio/images/words to this email, or text it to one of us if that’s easier. We can’t wait to see your kiddos share their memories with us, and have a finished product we can all watch!
Much love,
Teacher Madeleine