Hey Forest Friends Families,

Today I am going to share this Black Lives Matter instructional library with you. Within this resource, you’ll find links to read-alouds of children’s books on the subjects of Activism and Advocacy, Self-Love and Empowerment, Black History, and some books in Spanish.
I would also like to encourage you to take a look at this library, evaluate what kinds of books you have on your shelf at home and, if you have the means, see which books you’d like to add to your own at home library. Books and stories are great tools to help children understand the world around them!
Additionally, if you’re able, I’d recommend making a donation to any one of the accounts listed at the end of the slides. One way to take action is to redistribute resources to the folks putting in the (often uncompensated) labor to educate parents and this generation of children.
Sending you all well wishes,
Teacher Eliza