Hello Forest Friends Fam,

Today I’ve made 2 videos! One video in which I share some of my favorite Forest Friends memories and talk directly to the kids about the end of the year project, and one video in which I read “Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut”.

For the end of the year project: send videos, audio files, drawings, or photos of your child’s memories of Forest Friends to our Forest Friends email address. You’re also welcome to text us if that’s easier! Here are some open ended questions you can ask to prompt your children for this activity (compiled by Teacher Madeleine):
What is your silliest memory from Forest Friends?
What were your favorite things to do in afternoons?
Do you have any messages you want to share to your friends in Forest Friends?
Who do you remember playing with after your rest time?
Can you tell me a story about *another child* from forest friends?
Did you have a favorite song to dance at the end of the day in the common room before pickup?
Can you tell me what happened in one of Teacher Zach’s puppet shows?
Sending everyone well wishes,
Teacher Eliza