Hello families!

News: The folks who run the West Philly Bunnyhop food distribution effort are also coordinating some diapers and wipes to be distributed to families in need as part of Philly Pride Month. Click this link if you have extra resources to give, or if you are in need of resources. Drop off and pick up is at 5300 Delancey St.

 Patterns Week 5: Focus for the week: Repeating a pattern to show change over time, accumulation (for example, growing plants, de-stringing beans).

Activity: Meal times and snack times offer plenty of opportunities to practice pattern-building! You can help your child grow their understanding of patterns by preparing foods that require a repeating, 2 or 3-step action. For example, shelling pistachios or sunflower seeds, stringing beans or taking the pits out of cherries! 

Video: Teacher Maddie shucks ears of corn and talks about patterns!


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