Hi Juneberry Families!
This is the PDF if you’d like to read the story again later.
Activity Suggestions
  • Have a conversation with your child about how they can be an “Ally,” a friend who supports other people.  Brainstorm ways to be allies to their siblings and parents, to friends who are also stuck at home, to neighbors, to black and brown people who are, to nature (the birds, the water…).
  • Draw or paint a picture of some of these ideas!  Help your child write down a word or first letter of something that they are particularly focused on, like “helping” or “ally” or “friends” or “birds.”
  • If you’re grappling with how to be involved in BLM as a family, you can talk about how there are always many different ways to be an ally and support others.  Some people go to protests, some people make signs, some people write a letter or call a politician.  Think of something that’s appropriate and accessible for your family to to together, and see if you can enjoy making it bright,colorful, and fun!  Maybe you can draw a picture or transcribe a message your kid wants to write about a cause.  You could leave a song and a message on a congressperson’s voicemail…  We’d be happy to brainstorm ways to create kid friendly and fun ways to participate in activism.  Just send us a line and we’ll connect!
Teacher Lee