Hello families!

News: This is our last daily note of the year! A big thank you to all families and caregivers for sticking together, there was so just much! We will not be returning as a team next year, and will miss the Oaksters. We hope you have a lovely summer and wish you all good health!

For those of you who were not able to pick up items, email Maddie (maddie@childrenscommunityschool.org), who will be working in the office over the summer, to figure out a time to pick up your things.

End-of-year Curriculum: Today is our last ring of paper, and we will be taking it apart at our zoom goodbye on Friday at noon. Attached is our class book about our year together!

Activity: As you open your last chain from your paper chain today, you can add memories or hopes for the summer and finish your memory chain!

Video: In our Zoom call today, we will all undo the last chain in our summer ring, happy summer everyone!


Oak Teachers