Hi Redbud Families,

News: Please check out the other email we sent this morning about our end of year plans!

In today’s Teacher Message, Fox and I are back in the garden to learn about how water can help us take care of ourselves and take care of our plants. Watch here.

Today’s related activity is to water your plants, if you have any, with your Redbud. Doing simple activities like this together offers many opportunities for learning. You can emphasize the sequencing (“First we fill the watering can with water, then we pour it into the soil”) or measure how much water you’re giving each plant. Your kiddo can feel the dry soil, and then notice how it feels after adding water. You can focus on building empathy. (“This plant looks droopy. How can we help take care of it?”) If your Redbud is interested in caring for plants, but you don’t have any at home, you could take a water bottle and go for a walk to find a thirsty plant in the neighborhood!

Fox and I also recorded a special Birthday Message for Kieran, who is now 2 years old! Happy Birthday, Kieran!

And here’s our resource list with links to ideas for talking to kids about race and racialized violence, as well as suggestions for anti-racist actions you can take here in Philly. We’ve been adding to it, so take another look and feel free to share any resources you think we should add!

Take care,