Hi families! Here are our activities and videos for today:

Read aloud: Little Gorilla. Teacher Patricia reads “Little Gorilla” and talks about the ways in which celebrating birthdays is both the same and different from before social distancing.

Singalong: Check out this week’s CCS Singalong! (Teacher Rachel sings “Sing” and “Greenberry Tree”, Teacher Octavia sings “Wheels on the Bus”, Teacher Carrie sings “3 Little Buns in the Bakery Shop” and Teacher Naima sings “If All The Raindrops”)


Science activity: Rain clouds! It sure has been rainy outside, which means it’s the perfect time to learn about the science of rain from indoors! Here’s how to do it:

  • You will need: shaving cream, water, a large jar, food coloring or washable watercolors, pipettes or droppers

  • In a small cup, mix the food coloring with some water.

  • Fill the large jar with water until it is about 3/4 full.

  • Spray a bunch of shaving cream in the jar until it’s just a bit above the top of the jar.

  • Pick up some colored water with a pipette and squirt it on top of the shaving cream cloud. Repeat this step one or two more times, but pay close attention to what is happening below the cloud!

  • The colored water will begin to seep down through the shaving cream and into the water below. Just like rain! Here’s a picture. 

  • Making connections: As the colored water saturates the “cloud”, it gets heavy and eventually is so heavy that it can no longer hold the water. It “rains” down into the jar – through the “air” (water.) Just like real rain falls through the air. (Here’s a video on the water cycle, if your child has more questions.)


An activity for this weekend: Make a Share and Tell video! As we do every weekend, we’re asking you for a short clip (or pictures or a written answer if sending it to us in video format doesn’t work for you!) for our Share and Tell video. Please try to send it by 2pm on Sunday.


Silkworms: We made a working document for families to share mulberry tree locations. Please add to it when you find bushes and trees! Thanks, Olivia, for letting us know that there’s a mulberry tree on the northside of Pine Street halfway between 42nd and 41st.


Have a wonderful weekend!