Hi families!


Welcome to Week 3 of online programming! Here’s the doc version. Today, we will be having virtual one-on-one time with those who signed up. If you signed up, you should have received an email with a Zoom link in it and instructions. If you signed up within the last day, look out for that email this morning!

An activity: The Statue Game. This is a game kids love to play at school! Kids freeze and become statues. The museum-goer (usually an adult) admires the statues. Whenever the museum-goer looks away (at a “piece of art” or turns around) the statue tries to move and change positions. When the museum-turner turns around, they act shocked, “I could have sworn it didn’t look like that before! But statues don’t move!” Eventually, saying, “Well, I’d be really surprised if when I opened my eyes, I saw statues of trees!” (Usually, the child will pretend to be a tree.) Really play up the shock! “What is going on here?!”


An activity: Ice dig! A great sensory, fine motor, and heavy work activity is doing an ice dig! Here’s how you do it:

  • Line a bowl or pan with plastic wrap

  • Fill the bowl with water (optional: mix in food coloring)

  • Place objects in the water (Anything! Plastic toys, natural materials, pom poms, whatever you have lying around!)

  • Freeze for a day

Once frozen, remove the block of ice from the bowl and place it on a tray or towel. Use hammers, screwdrivers, sticks, paint brushes or whatever tools you are comfortable with to try and dig the objects out of the ice! Talk about safety beforehand. “What will you do to make sure your fingers are safe while you’re chipping the ice?” Brainstorm safety rules together with your child.


Screen time: Story Time From Space. If you’re looking for 30 minutes of screen time today, watch astronauts read stories in outer space! We love “Rosie Revere, Engineer”.


For parents: Filling out CCS payment intentions survey. Make sure you check out the email “CCS Update for Families” sent on Friday, it has a lot of important information! If you haven’t yet, please fill out the parent survey Jarrod sent out in his email to families: https://forms.gle/Txewgd2xQbKr7fZk8



Rachel Ford and Patricia Houston