Hi families!


We have transitioned to sending out our weekly activities on Sunday evening. Here is the document with our activities for this week. 


Morning meeting: PLEASE READ BEFORE WATCHING: The final part of the video includes Calvin posting protest signs and talks about “police hurting people with brown skin”. There is a title before that, in case you want to pause the video before that part. We encourage you to watch that part of the video beforehand to decide whether it is something you are ready to show to your child and talk about.

  • Join Teacher Rachel for Share and Tell!


One-on-ones: Today, we are continuing our Monday one-on-one calls — you should have gotten an email yesterday with a Zoom link for your child’s call.


Talking with your child about the protests against police violence: To help you think about age-appropriate conversations to have with your child, here is the script we used to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement in February of this year, as well as some conversation-starters for you and your child:

  • “Black Lives Matter is a movement, which means a group of people who all believe the same thing. In our country, Black people are not treated fairly. The people in this movement don’t think that is OK. We say, “Black Lives Matter” to let people know that that is what we believe. Right now, people all across the country are coming together to protest and make their voices heard.”

  • “People protest when they feel like their voices are not being heard. What do you do when you are trying to tell someone something important and they aren’t listening? What do you do when you are really angry and no one is hearing you?”

  • If a child asks a question which you do not feel prepared to answer, you can always say, “That is a wonderful and incredibly important question. It is so important that I am going to think about it for a little while and answer your question later, to make sure I give you a really good answer.”

Hoping you are staying safe and taking care of yourselves.