Hello Magnolia families!


Happy Thursday! Here are our videos and activities for school at home. Make sure to take a look at our information below about our small group Zoom meetings!


Playtime: Join Teacher Patricia for a build-with-me video. Kids can build along with blocks, pillows, soft toys, cans, etc. so that everyone can be playing together!


Movement: Stretching! Join Teacher Rachel for some moving and stretching.


An Activity: Sorting laundry! Household chores can be great opportunities for learning! When doing laundry, have your child sort the clothes. You can sort them into “darks” and “lights” or you can find other ways to sort them, like by color, by who they belong to, bottoms vs. tops, etc. You can also work on spatial and geometric reasoning by folding. Talk about folding things in half and counting the folds. “Fold it in half three times!” “How many times did you fold it?” “Can you fold it into a triangle?”


Screentime: Consent for Kids Storytime! Educators for Consent Culture are creating an online video series teaching consent through storytelling. They are reading a book on Facebook live every Thursday at 11am, today starting with “The Great Big Hug”. Even if you can’t watch live, you can check in on the page later to see the recording: https://www.facebook.com/ed4consent/


See you soon!


Rachel Ford and Patricia Houston