Hi families!

We hope you’re all doing okay with all this rain we’ve been having! We know sometimes things can get even more stir-crazy when the weather is fluctuating and outside time is limited. Hang in there, we’re thinking about you!

An activity: Leapfrog and measuring! Pretend to be frogs! How far can you leap? Using a tape measure, mark feet with masking tape on the floor. Estimate how far you can jump and then take a big leap. Place a rock (or object) next to the number where you land. Read the measurement and then take another leap! Which “frog” can jump the farthest? This can even be a solo activity, and kids can try to record and then break their records.

An activity: Fine motor lacing boards. To develop fine motor skills, take a piece of cardboard and put holes in it (you can poke it with a pencil or use a hole punch.) Then, have your child use yarn, pipe cleaners, or shoe laces to lace in and out of the holes. For an added challenge, draw lines between the holes for them to follow (developing executive functioning and planning skills.) At school, kids enjoyed weaving many “boards” together and making larger sculptures! (Here is an example.)

For parents: Respond about silkworm interest. Please read our email from yesterday about the silkworm project and respond “I’m interested” if you want to learn more — we will be sending out an email later today with more information to those who have responded! If you know that the silkworm project isn’t for you right now, that’s completely understandable.



Rachel Ford and Patricia Houston