Hi families!

We loved seeing so many of you all together at our Zoom meeting yesterday! We feel like overall it went really well! As always, please let us know if you have any thoughts or feedback about it. Here is our at-home curriculum for today:

Morning meeting: Join Teacher Patricia for some music and movement today’s morning meeting! She sings the Milkshake Song, a Magnolia favorite!


Singalong: Join Rachel and her family to sing and play “Rainbow Connection” on the recorder and piano — a song to remind us of the connection we have with one another, even when we can’t see one another. This is a more mellow song, perhaps to listen to during a rest time or close to bed.


An Activity: Phonics game – Same or different? Phonological awareness is the awareness of the sounds that make up works — like being able to hear the “mmm” sound, the “ooooh” sound, and the “nnn” sound in the word “moon.” Being aware of phonics is a fundamental pre-literacy skill which will help children learn to read and write. Here is a game you can play with your child to increase awareness of sounds:

  • Invite your child to join you in a word game. Say, “Listen to these words. Do they sound the same at the beginning? Or do they sound different? Mouse, mat.”

  • Repeat the words if your child seems unsure. Exaggerate the beginning sound: “Listen again. Mmmouse, mmmat.”

  • Practice with one sound (such as m) until you feel your child fully understands the game. Add more words to the groupings as you play.

  • A challenge: Try pairing sounds that sound pretty similar (b/p, m/n, g/k).


An Activity: Tightrope walking! This is a great activity to work on balance, coordination, and get some movement in. Place a long strip of masking tape on the floor to serve as a tightrope. Pretend that it is a tightrope high in the air. “We have to walk across it very carefully and try not to step off of the line.”

Try different ways of walking across (walk heel-to-toe, tiptoe, shuffle, etc.) Work together to think up as many different ways of walking as you can! Try doing “tight-rope” tricks, too!


For Parents: All of our daily curriculums! And please remember that you can repeat activities! We do that often at school. Repeating activities helps to deepen exploration. Moving forward, you will be able to find the doc versions of all of our at-home curriculums in that folder.


Tomorrow we will be having our small group Zoom times. We will be sending out more information about that today, so look out for that. In the meantime, we hope that you have a wonderful day and we can’t wait to see you tomorrow!



Rachel Ford and Patricia Houston