Hi families! Here are our videos and activities for today:

Sing a song: Today, Teacher Rachel sings the song It’s You I Like” along with showing pictures of the Magnolia kids from our times together at school. Seeing pictures from school might bring up a spectrum of different emotions, so consider when the best time would be for your child to watch.

Read aloud: Teacher Patricia reads the book “I’m Bored”. She talks about boredom and what to do when you’re feeling bored!

Calming activity: Listening Ears. Have your child place their thumb and index finger at the top of their ear like they are going to pinch it, and then slowly slide their fingers like they are trying to “unroll” their ears. Move from the top of the ear all the way to the bottom of the earlobe as you slowly count to 10. Do both ears at the same time. Repeat up to 3 times.

Science activity: Lava lamp. Make a lava lamp at home! (From Fun Learning for Kids) You will need:

  • Vegetable Oil

  • Water

  • Food coloring – primary colors or neon

  • Original Alka Seltzer tablets (broken into pieces) — do not let anyone eat these!


To begin, color about 1/2 cup of water with food coloring. Fill a glass about 3/4 full with vegetable oil. Then pour in the colored water until the liquid in the cup is about 1-2 inches from the top. Then, add a piece of an Alka Seltzer table to the cup.

The science behind the reaction: The water and oil do not mix and the oil doesn’t change color because the food coloring is water soluble. The Alka Seltzer reacts with the water to make bubbles of carbon dioxide. The bubbles attach themselves to the blobs of colored water and bring them to the top of the glass. When the bubbles pop the blobs of colored water fall back to the bottom of the glass.

(P.S. … can you spy the lava lamp in the “It’s You I Like” video?)


See you at small group Zoom!


Rachel Ford and Patricia Houston