Hello families,


News: Yesterday we received Oak family feedback from the survey Naima sent out to all families. Thank you so much for participating and letting us know how this system is working for you so far! We are currently discussing changes to implement based on your responses and will let you know about some of those changes in tomorrow’s email and going into next week.

Activity/Resource: Sesame Street is offering some great resources particularly around trauma and big events happening in children’s lives. As CCS teachers we are navigating this type of worldwide event for the first time. While we are gathering resources and learning, we have been using Sesame Street as an organization who has been doing this work for a while. Particularly their newer project, sesame street communities, works on supporting kids and families during difficult times. There are lots of great parent resources, including these videos about hugs, feeling safe, and knowing “you can do it!”.  https://sesamestreetincommunities.org/topics/traumatic-experiences/


Please reach out to us if you have a resource that has been helpful.




Oak Teachers