Hi families!

Here we are, at the end of Week 3! We’re sure these three weeks have felt endless and overwhelming and intense and that you’ve felt an enormous range of emotions. As you know, next week is our Spring Break, although we know it won’t feel much like a break to you. We will be sending out an email later today outlining exactly what you can expect for next week. Know that our support will not be going away and regardless of what week it is, we will be as responsive to you as we can be.

Singalong: Join Teacher Rachel and Teacher Patricia (together virtually!) for a repeat-after-me song, “Fred the Moose”.

An activity: Make a Share and Tell video! Part of our weekly schedule is having a Share and Tell video every Monday (just like school!), so every weekend we will be asking you for a short clip (or pictures or a written answer if sending it to us in video format doesn’t work for you!) Please try to send it by 2pm on Sunday.

An activity: Guessing feelings in the mirror. Continuing some of our social-emotional learning from last week, play a feeling guessing game! You can go over a feeling chart/wheel you might have made, our use our feelings list. In the mirror, your child can practice making a face that shows each feeling. Then let your child make a face to see if you can guess the feeling!

For parents: Be kind to yourselves. We just want to remind you that whatever you are doing is okay. If doing lots of activities every day is helpful to you and your child, awesome. If it isn’t, that is perfectly fine, too. If some days are school-at-home packed and some days are PJ-all-day days, that is wonderful. If you are finding yourself feeling stressed out or having a shorter temper, that is understandable. Give yourself space. Give yourself time. Give yourself love. Whatever you need to do to get you and your child through this time is okay. You are all doing great.


Rachel Ford and Patricia Houston