Hello Redbud Families,

Here are today’s videos and activity ideas.  Thinking of you all!



Teacher Video Message:

Video 1https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlrbUWZ3UPg&t=15s

In this video I sing “I Had a Rooster” (by Pete Seeger) with some finger puppets.

Video 2:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXPGvWyBCXY

In this video I read three haiku from the book, Seeing Into Tomorrow.  The haiku are by Richard Wright and the illustrations are by Nina Crews.


Activities to Try at Home:

1).  Percussion walk.  If you have some drumsticks at home (or a wooden spoon or some short sticks); take a walk, stopping to “play the drums” on different objects you encounter:  telephone pole, street sign, rock, grass, etc. Older Redbuds may want to make a prediction about whether the object will make a loud or quiet sound. Notice any objects that make a similar sound, and wonder out loud why.

2). Fun with ramps.  Try making a ramp with whatever materials you have at home – a long block or board, a cardboard box, or a poster tube.  Once your kiddo gets the hang of it, here are some different things you can try:

  • Roll different objects down: balls of different sizes, toy vehicles; Pom poms or cotton balls, plastic eggs, try offering a few objects that are not round to see what happens.

  • Make the incline of the ramp steeper or flatter.  What happens?

  • For older Redbuds, or Redbuds with a big sibling to help -measure how far things go.  Try marking how far different objects roll with tape or post-its, or use blocks of the same size to measure (“The ball rolled to a spot 5 blocks away from the ramp and the train rolled 3 blocks”)