Hi families! Here are our activities and videos for today:


Singing: Teacher Rachel sings “There Are Many Ways To Say I Love You”. What are some ways that you and your child express love to each other? How can we express love to people who are far away?


Activities for transitions. Today’s parent video is all about how to manage transitions! Here are some ideas we use at school for making transitions fun:

  • Move between activities as different animals “Let’s pretend to be bunnies as we hop to the kitchen!”

  • Choose a timer app or tool together. (At school, we use sand timers and countdown clocks.) You can download a few different children’s timer apps and have them choose which one they like the best. Then, set their chosen timer to count down to a transition between activities.

  • Sneaking! Sneaking is always fun. Whisper, “It’s time for dinner…let’s see if we can surprise Baba and sit down at the table without them noticing! We have to be super quiet.”

  • Listen to a song. “At the end of the song, it will be time to brush your teeth. What song do you want to hear?:


An activity for this weekend: Make a Share and Tell video! As we do every weekend, we’re asking you for a short clip (or pictures or a written answer if sending it to us in video format doesn’t work for you!) for our Share and Tell video. Please try to send it by 2pm on Sunday.


For parents: Supporting transitions during your child’s day. We are continuing our weekly parents’ video! This week, we are talking about transitions. We talk about what transitions are, why they bring up big emotions and behaviors, and strategies to make transitions easier for both you and your child.

  • In the video, we also continue our conversation about behavior as communication from last week, discussing the importance of being aware of your response to behavior.


Thank you for participating in our parent phone calls this week! It was so wonderful to touch base with you all and we will be looking closely at our school-at-home programming to incorporate everything we learned from you all.


Have a wonderful weekend!