Hi families!


Welcome to our second week of School at Home! We hope that you all had lovely weekends (although it’s a bit hard to differentiate weekends from weekdays these days.) Let’s get started! Here is the doc version.


Morning meeting: Join Teacher Patricia for our Monday morning meeting, where she sings an alphabet song!


Singalong: Sing “Baby Beluga” with Teacher Rachel and her family! Rachel’s dad is playing something called the flugelhorn, her brother is playing piano, and Rachel plays some egg shakers. If you have instruments, you can play them, too! If you don’t have any instruments, you can make some (pots, pans, even a toilet paper roll…) Here are some ideas for homemade instruments.


An activity for today: Indoor scavenger hunt! Send your child on a solo or kid-team scavenger hunt while you try to work/rest/cook/call a loved one. You can put rules on where are no-go zones in the house, if there are places you’d rather not have your child rummaging through or potentially making a mess.

  • A color hunt: Find objects of different colors. You can make a list writing the colors (in the color) with check marks and send your kid out on the adventure. (☑ red, ☑ yellow, ☑ pink, ☑ green, ☑ purple, ☑ orange, ☑ blue, ☑ white, ☑ grey, ☑ black, ☑ brown… )

  • A number hunt: Finding different numbers of things. Find 2 of the same object, 3 of the same object, 4 of the same object, 5 of the same object…etc.

  • A shape hunt: Make a checklist of different shapes (draw the shapes on the checklist, too): Square, circle, oval, rectangle, triangle, etc.

  • Make up your own hunt: You could hide objects beforehand to make things more challenging/take longer. ☑ Your pillow ☑ A penny ☑ A red shoe ☑ A stuffed animal ☑ Favorite book, etc.


An activity for this week: Outdoor scavenger hunt! During your outside time this week, we are offering a scavenger hunt to the whole class (thanks for the idea, Eileen!) When you’re out and about, keep your eyes peeled for:

  • A flower smaller than a quarter

  • Something red

  • A magnolia tree (there are so many in bloom all over the neighborhood!)

  • A worm

  • Something with wings

  • A cloud (and tell us what it looks like!)

  • Something that smells good

  • A rainbow (real or a drawing/picture)

  • Something with a tail

  • Two kinds of leaves

  • Two kids of sticks

  • Something you think is a treasure


You can collect the objects or take pictures with them. Make sure to send us updates and pictures as the week goes on! We will be going on scavenger hunts, too.


Zoom morning meeting tomorrow! We will be sending out a separate email today for you to RSVP to and give you more instructions for our first LIVE morning meeting. Looking forward to seeing everyone!


Talk to you soon!

Rachel Ford and Patricia Houston