Hello, Redbud families! I hope from the bottom of my heart that you’re all safe and sound.

In today’s teacher message, Sock the hand puppet and I sing two finger dancing songs: “This is Number One”, and a new song, “One Elephant”:  Songs that you can dance to with fingers are a great way to work on executive functioning; more on that below.
Today’s activity tips:
  • We’re in a moment when it can be difficult for children (and adults alike!) to feel regulated and organized. Playing games that use executive functioning skills such as focus, motor planning, etc., can help regulate the mind and the body. In keeping with our Redbud curricular focus of music and music making, try making your own instrument at home (many great ideas are listed here,  or use what’s on hand (pots and wooden spoons work equally well!) and see how many ways you can play: fast, slow, soft, loud, with one hand, with two hands, to one side, to the other side, frontwards, backwards, etc.
  • Though our city is under new stay-at-home guidelines, we can still leave our homes for exercise and general wellness (for more information). If going on outdoor walks is helpful for you and your little one, try thinking of one or two things before you leave your home that you will look for during your walk: something blue, a yellow flower, a stop sign, the letter O, etc.
For both activities, or anything else that you’re doing with your Redbud kid, feel free to send us Redbud teachers and each other pictures and videos! “Social distancing” is such a misnomer–we may be physically apart, but we are finding and using new and creative ways to stay connected to each other. Speaking of, have you checked out the Redbud Slack channel yet? Jarrod sent an email to all families on March 17th with directions on how to get set up!
Missing all of you, and looking forward to the day when we’ll see each other again. Until next time, everyone!
-Naima for Team Redbud