Hi Oak families,

Welcome to week two of online curriculum! We hope you’re hanging in there. We’re sending mindful breaths and well wishes to you and your wonderful Oaksters.


Zoom Call: It was so lovely getting to talk with some of you on the Zoom call on Friday. We are planning another Zoom call for this Friday, so if you didn’t make it and are interested, feel free to swing by with your kiddo! If you have any requests or feedback from last time, do let us know. We know video chat is far from ideal for most kids, but if your kiddo found anything particularly engaging or exciting, let us know! Based on some feedback we’ve already received, this week we will make sure to do an extra-long goodbye so that all Oaksters have time to process that transition. 🙂

Today’s Video: Teacher Alex reads Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes.


Today’s activities:

  • Kids’ 7 Minute Workout for Self-Regulation: Many of your kiddos may recognize this handout that usually hangs in the Common Room (attached below). This is a great way to not only get your bodies moving, but also practice sequencing, one of the math concepts that we’ve been working on! Practice moving down the list, asking your kiddo, “What comes next?”


  • At Home Kid Gallery: Framing one wall or area of your house as an “art gallery” or “museum” can be a great rainy afternoon activity! Practice making and decorating a sign, maybe even utilizing your child’s name so they can review it’s spelling (for example, your gallery could be called “Maddie’s Art Gallery”). Then hang some art up! Ask your child to talk about the art that they made, and take down some quotes. When we ask kiddos for quotes in Oak we often say, “Tell me about your drawing,” “What are you making?” or “What marks/colors are you using?” Making a gallery helps kiddos develop identities as artists with important ideas.


Till tomorrow!



Oak teachers