Hi families!

Welcome back from “spring break” (if you managed to take one) — we are back to our regular programming this week! You can expect 3 Zoom meetings, videos, and daily activities this week, along with some information about our upcoming silkworm project — we’ll be sending out an email about that later today.

Morning meeting: Join Teacher Rachel for Share and Tell!

One-on-ones: Today, we are continuing our Monday one-on-one calls — you should have gotten an email yesterday evening with a Zoom link for your child’s call.


An activity: Mirror mirror drawing challenge!

  • Get set up with two pieces of paper, one for you and one for your child.

  • Place a menu, book, or folder between you (so they can’t see what you’re drawing.)

  • Give your child step by step instructions of what you are drawing on your paper.

  • After a few instructions, remove the barrier and compare your two drawings to see how similar they are.

  • Then, have your child instruct!

  • Notice how your drawings are similar and different. Notice if there were any “miscommunications” — a good social-emotional vocabulary word.


For parents: How can boredom be positive for children? Watch this quick video by Janet Pozmantier (director of Center for School Behavior Health) to learn a bit about how boredom can help children develop creativity, independence, and curiosity.


We’re glad to be back in full with you all this week! As always, please reach out with any thoughts, responses, concerns, questions, or updates — we love to hear from you.



Rachel Ford and Patricia Houston